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Updates on the renovation

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Making Progress

Midwestern winter weather won't stop us! Well... Dan at least. Im writing this from the comfort of my living room couch, glued to my handy dandy space heater, but Dan has been braving the cold to get the Horse's Mouth Ready. So far, he enlarged the serving window with the help of the Sawzall. We've been working on the imperfections in the exterior metal. ( don't even ask how much Bondo we used). The wooden counters are coming along quite nicely.

The Design

Creating rough... and I mean rough... sketches of our ideas for the Horse's Mouth. We're thinking beautifully distressed wooden counters, subway tile, and rustic black pipe shelves. We're also thinking "what did we get ourselves into?"

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Where it all began

One rainy, Sunday in January we took a road trip to check out this beauty and it was love at first sight. She may not be beautiful now, but she will be soon!